We were all drinking
,. Celebrating something'
i looked at yuu & said foreverr i am yuurs,.
Yuuu looked at me & said Oh,. The idea of being
In Love
The idea,.of forever being loved.<3

“goodnight my love. i’m there with you. surrounding you and keeping you safe. my soul is your armour and my heart your sword. my love for you is the banner you wave in battles you fight everyday. I consider you and think of you everyday, dream of you at night, I miss you every second we’re apart. you mean more to me than anyone in this world. I love you sweet dreams my love”

– (via wtf-u-lookin-at)

“I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all.”



having some fun in /vp/
the goal was
close your eyes and draw random lines in paint
open your eyes and try to make a poke with that mess
smash the keyboard and add vowels to create a name

aand then i grabbed some of my favorites made by other people and turned them into better drawings

thanks for all the ideas anons

(these are all 5 to 10 min drawings btw)

frilance is a bro

whoretata asked: “HEY I LOVE YOU :D”


Last night I had a dream. The dream consisted of me and other humans, preparing o having a meeting of some sort. Then all of a sudden all matter include the other people and I, started vibrating, and glowing, and trying to stay calm and stay together for emotional support. I’ve had another dream a month before this where I was with two family member and the same thing happened. But instead I was trying to run to my family member but was not able to reach them. This morning I was led to a link of a video which was called ‘Sacred geometry changes 2012 molecular atom consciousness” This video explained how matter does not exist only in the case of which vibration altar or being together atoms. The video also described pour DNA and how they are linked with our emotions. It also explained that the only true emotions are love and fear. After seeing this video and being touched by the amazement of science I was again linked to another video which was called ‘2012 earths golden age magnetic field decline and poles shift’ after seeing this video and from my past knowledge of the things the video explained I was astonished because I realized the meanings for my dreams. I believe my dreams were explaining The Pole Shift, I believe my soul is telling me to prepare and that I’m getting better at reaching my goal to become a better person to change the world. We will all move to higher frequencies if. We just learn to love.